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Individual Therapy

One-on-one therapy provided by licensed professionals. Scheduled in 4-session increments. 

Small Group Workshops

Evidence-based curricula designed to support students' SEL and  mental wellness. Curricula: Next Level Students and Love Notes

Professional Development Workshops

Sessions designed to supports teachers and schools with special learning topics including mental wellness support

Motivational Speaking

Topical speaking events for schools, companies, government offices, and community organizations.  (e.g. mental wellness, SEL, DEI, culture-setting, and resilience).


Provides theoretical and practical guidance to build social entrepreneurship strategies, improve company culture (e.g. strategies to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion), and bolster organizational efforts to support staff morale and mental wellness.

Life Coaching

Helps teens and young adults address limiting beliefs and self-doubt. Guides participants through the process of taking their dreams and turning them into actionable goals - with accountability to match them.