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schools rising

Schools Rising is a campus-wide mental wellness initiative that provides a full range of mental health support services to all three key stakeholders on school campuses: students, teachers/school staff, and parents & families.


  • This initiative is an investment in the entire school community and is a commitment to building a healthier community through culturally relevant and engaging mental wellness supports that are all founded on the research of belonging and connectedness. If individuals feel a sense of belonging and connectedness to the support services available; they will be more likely to engage, more likely to absorb the information, and more likely to alter behaviors to reflect a mental wellness mindset.​


  • Schools Rising provides a framework for students, teachers, and families to receive similar themes of information - while diving deeper into certain topics based on their needs.


  • This 'full-court press' approach to wellness demonstrates the highest level of resolve to move the needle on mental wellness on a school campus.

Schools rising:
an investment in mental wellness for students,
staff, & families

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