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Why bring us to your campus?

Mental Wellness
& Cultural Relatability

A 2022 NCAA report noted that student athletes continue to report elevated levels of mental health concerns (Johnson, 2022). Further - the report showed that fewer than half of the student athletes are willing to seek out help even though they know where to find mental health resources on campus.

Teams Rising was designed to engage student athletes in mental wellness supports that are based on the power of relationships and connectedness. Research has shown that that feeling connected and having strong, positive relationships can help people 'decrease depressive symptoms, mitigate posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms, and improve overall mental health' (Martino, Pegg, Frates, 2017). 

Teams Rising is a mental wellness program that works with student-athletes to build up mental wellness mindsets & skill sets, break down barriers, and develop peer support leaders & "walk-alongsiders" to connect teammates to the mental health services already on campus. We do this by dismantling negative social and cultural constructs around mental health and using the power of team relationships to promote mental wellness while building a culture free of stigma & shame.

There are four components to the Teams Rising Program:

  • The retreat

  • Peer support & mentorship squad

  • Access to mental health provider

  • Access to mentor/life coach

Change begins with knowledge. 
Education doesn't need to be a lecture.

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