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“The Community Impact Center was a great program to have on our campus.
They were able to make positive connections with struggling students where others had tried and failed.
We appreciate their willingness to be flexible with the many changes we had and how our program was very much catered to our students and our community."
"CIC has played a major role in maintaining a positive school culture for our students at Antelope High School.
Mr. Rojas and his team have poured in hope and vision into our students beyond what normally takes place in schools. 
As our students listened to guest speakers, participated in activities,  and connected with Mr. Rojas and his team through mentorship and classes, they have been elevated and inspired.
CIC has made a real impact on the hearts and minds of our students.
On behalf of our students, parents, staff, administration, and Antelope community, we want to say, "Thank you!"
"Hearing from [peers] about their own insecurities and struggles was indeed heavy, but there was also a sense of solidarity in the room as we all bore witness to each others' masks. These activities are definitely something I will remember and take with me to apply in other settings in the future."
- Taking Off the Mask Workshop Participant
"I'll admit, when I arrived, I expected to go, sit, and leave as soon as I could.
But when I attended, I was faced with questions and a topic I'd been grappling
with for some time.
I was transfixed."
-"Taking off the Mask" Workshop Participant
"CIC has been an invaluable part of helping our students connect to school, our community, and--maybe most importantly--their own voices.

Clay's steady and all-in presence made it easy for students to feel the unconditional support that he offered 24/7/365.

They not only learned about relationships, the importance of education, and positive ways to be in the world, but also that new chapters in life can be started at any time--new and better choices can be made!
Clay taught the importance of healing the past and he inspired our students to begin a new future through his story, his actions, and his utmost care for our students.

Clay is a force of positivity, the kind that acknowledges life can be a bit messy sometimes, but that it's how we pick up the pieces that counts. He is a life-changer!"
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